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Our Story

"I started selling vintage clothing on trade me when I was 16. The water polo season had finished and I needed something new to dig my teeth into. My obsession with vintage items had started a few years earlier, and I had accumulated some amazing pieces that I didn't fit.

A crème wall, a digital camera on self timer and some questionable photoshop was all I needed to get started. Soon after I was selling vintage pieces on Facebook. Eventually I opened my own website in my last year of high school #expertprocrastination. I had also started making and selling jewellery.

Everything up until RAD was a crash course in online business. And boy did I learn a lot. I tried to travel and model with a second suitcase full of vintage clothes and jewellery components. 

Over time I lost passion for my once growing business and decided to shut it down after two and a half years.

I took a break, I reflected, what had it been missing? 

I've always been drawn to handmade jewellery with individual imperfections. I also believe in fair trade. One small decision to support developing countries can improve many lives. Combining these two things was the beginning of RAD.

I hunted down a supplier of fair trade certified jewellery components. They work with the Karen Hill Tribe artisans in Thailand. They also use fair trade silver from a mine nearby. They were everything I wanted and more!

I could never leave vintage behind, so I've curated a special collection. 

RAD is an ethical mix of old and new. And it's exactly what I dreamed of."

RAD Jewellery is designed, curated and run by Dominique Bela, actor/model.

Instagram: @radjewellery

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