Firstly, thanks so much for visiting my lil jewellery baby. I'm assuming you're on this page to find out who, what, where and why. So RAD was opened in 2015 by me, Dominique Bela. I'm a kiwi actor and a model but I've been selling vintage clothes and jewels since I was 16. It's somewhat an addiction. 

RAD was born out of my love of vintage and fair trade, mixed with my desire to travel (I can literally pack up my entire business in a suitcase - amazing). It has turned into a wonderful way to survive in between acting and modelling jobs. Wooh the sporadic artist life. 

I try to live consciously and for me that means supporting fair trade, up cycling, recycling and just generally being a nice human being. Which is why I sell vintage jewellery that deserves a second life. My own line of designs is also fair trade made in beautiful Thailand. All of my packaging is fair trade made, using recycled materials, in Africa and India. It's also biodegradable. 

You can find more about me here:

Instagram: @dominiquebela

<3 Dom xxx