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SIAM Rare Red Floral Ring

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This set of vintage Siam rings is very rare! Thailand's name was changed from Siam in 1948. Many pieces of jewellery were still marked as Siam into the 1980s. The traditional technique of Siam jewellery feature enamel designs set in sterling silver.

This ring is a beautiful, red, floral design. Double ended with one end featuring a yellow flower and the other a purple flower. It's adjustable so it will fit your favourite finger!

So rare, so fab, such a good price - you need it.

Condition: Perfect with aged patina

Material: Enamel, Unknown metal (unmarked but likely sterling silver)

Marked: SIAM

Era: 1970s

Size: Small - Adjustable

P.s. It's vintage so it's one of a kind, snap it up before someone else does. Don't say I didn't warn you.